Our interior design and construction company which has been giving service in Turkey since 2002, has also started to operate in Montenegro starting from the year of 2018. With its extraordinary and innovative style, and with a new name of “bushubu”, it has started to add colour and excitement to the interiors in Montenegro now.

The philosophy of our company Bushubu; is to give a unique and qualified service with our committed and creative professionals and so far we put our signature to the successful works in multidisciplinary fields such as interior design and construction, furniture design and production, refurbishment and turnkey construction.

Bushubu, offering superior quality level and today’s design principals to its clients, assumes the task of the design and construction of various spaces such as houses, villas, offices, shops, restaurants and cafes, clubs and bars, exhibition stands, hotels and holiday villages.

Aiming to give unique and accessible service in the furniture production with the understanding of “high quality” and “low cost”, Bushubu intends to give perfect service to its clients by producing the furniture of various spaces such as houses, shops, offices, hotels and entertainment centers through the furniture production center in Turkey for both “boutique” or “contract” works.